Friday, January 13, 2017

DIY Rustic Bed & Bath Tray (& Bedroom Update)

Good Morning & Happy Friday Sweet Friends!! 

I searched high and low, Hobby Lobby to Homegoods, for a large wooden tray with no luck at all for one I liked that would work as a bed tray and bath tray. So what happens when I can't find something I like? I make it myself. The best part about this tray is that it is customized to "lock" into our bathtub. It doesn't move and fits snuggly right over top. It's even kid approved!!

If you have the tools to cut wood, this project is a breeze! 

Here's what you will need:

1. WOOD. It can be salvaged like mine, new, pallet wood, 
barn wood, oak, pine, whatever you find. 
You will need wood for the tray itself and the legs.
(TIP: Found wood should be bleached to kill any critters.)
2. A saw. Table saw or chop saw (seen above) works perfectly!
3. Clamp.. to hold the wood steady if you don't have a partner, 
and even if you do, it will make the job easier.
4. Stain is optional. I did not use stain because I loved the weathered look 
from the salvaged wood I found. You should seal it to protect it from water.
5. White Chalk paint for the "line". (You can use any color you like!)
6. Two handles for the ends of the tray. (I got mine from Hobby Lobby for $2)
7. Screwgun and screws. I used 4 1/2 inch screws for the bottom blocks. 
("Legs" that will lock your tray into place for the bathtub)
8. Hand Sander (or sandpaper), Pencil, Ruler, Tape Measure, Paint brush for the line. 

After you have your supplies, measure the length of your bathtub's sides. Mine was only 29 inches. This will be the size of your tray. Also measure the length of the tub opening. This will determine where the two small pieces of wood will go so the tray will lock in place. I cut the big wood plank I found in half. I then lined the two halves up against one another, clamped, and measured 29 inches. Once you mark it with the pencil, cut with your saw. The clamp will also help you cut evenly. 


Once you made your cut with the planks you will use for your tray, cut two small "blocks" or smaller planks of wood. You will use these for the "legs" which will also hold together your two planks once you screw them in from the bottom of the tray. The size doesn't really matter as long as its big enough to hold the two big wood planks together in place. Make sure you screw the smaller planks or blocks just before the measurement of your tub's opening. Mine opened at 2 1/2 and 25 inches of the full 29 inches. I have a "builder grade" bathtub attached to the "wall". The side by the wall is never as thick as the edge of the tub, so your legs may not be completely centered on the bottom of your tray. But that's ok! It is customized to fit your bathtub, and is how your tray will fit snuggly and lock. After your tray is assembled and sanded, you can stain (if you are using one), screw on your handles, draw on with pencil then paint lines on the end of your tray (use a ruler to determine the thickness of your line). Once everything is dry, (MUST BE COMPLETELY DRY OR PAINT WILL RUN!!) you can spray on a clear adhesive coat that will water proof and seal your tray. Then ENJOY!!:)

I sprinkled a little Valentine's Day Decor...

I DIYed this beautiful sign for our bedroom the other day! 

I decided the pillow looked better on the other side ;) & Look at those cuties!!

The kiddos love it and I hope you do too!! 

And look how majestic Jack is.. I just had to add this LOL!

Happy DIYing!! 

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