Friday, December 23, 2016

Last Second Holiday Gift Guide From a Procrastinating Wife

When it comes to Christmas, I am the first to decorate but the last to buy all those presents, wrap them and you know they'll get placed under the tree at the very last second...most likely while I look like a cast member of the Walking Dead with a Rae Dunn mug in my hand that strategically says "I can't even." My children would be screaming upstairs that it's Christmas Morning and My husband and I (He's a bigger procrastinator than I am anymore), would have to scale the stair case to sneak up to our bedroom and act like we were sleeping so the magic of Santa Claus doesn't die with our self-dignity. Ah yes. Christmas Morning. Don't you just love staying up all night wrapping toys for kids that will probably get bored of them in a week or two? I do..not. I do not. I hate wrapping. Thats why I love finding "presents" with great packaging already so it's less work for me! But we aren't talking about presents for the little loves that we just love so much. We are talking about our big loves. The guys we said "I do" to for the rest of our lives. The guys who put up with our crap, our giant mug collections, the constant home decor switching, they come home from work with a completely different environment and still give you a kiss and ask how your day was even though you are all sweaty from moving furniture, cleaning, hanging pictures, painting, ripping up rugs, staining decks, taking care of kids all day, and maybe even slaving over a not so hot stove. (Because who's stove is really that hot? I never got that saying...) That guy! He is pretty awesome. Especially with putting up with your crazy. So get him some good gifts. Online. Go to websites...

Here is a few of my favorites things. For him.


Numero Uno has to be these awesome wood watches I came across on Instagram one day.. For the longest time I have been trying to get my husband to wear a watch. I just find something sexy about watches. Maybe it's because time alludes me and I am always late for everything, but watches just scream "Hey, this guy has his stuff together." So sexy. But anyways, my hubby was not a watch wearer. He works a crazy demanding job where he is constantly using his hands to do crazy things like build stages, climb 70 ft in the air to build metal thingies that I have no idea what they are or what they do but I certainly don't know what they are called. They are metal. He always comes home with dirty hands. He just figured he couldn't wear a watch because of this. He was afraid they would break, or he'd somehow ruin it. Well... he got a watch. A wood watch from JORD. When it arrived through the mail, not only was the packaging beautiful, (a crafted wooden box that smelled amazing!!) the watch itself was beautiful. It was manly but beautiful at the same time. 
CLICK HERE TO SEE THE WATCH!! Yes, it is most definitely possible! But looks aren't everything, what's underneath is what counts huh? Yes. It is automatic (no battery needed) and heavy duty. He wore it to work and it came home looking just the way it did when it arrived out of the package. He didn't break it, it fit him comfortably (they can size it for you!), and it turned him into a watch wearer. 

I'd have to say thats a pretty good gift! You can even enter a JORD wood watch giveaway and recieve an automatic $25 towards your watch purchase, by clicking here!! It is totally worth it. You have until the last day in January to use the code and redeem your $25 gift card! 

Parrot Mambo MiniDrone - APPLE - (also available at Target!)

A second choice is to bring the inner man child out that you know lives inside the heart of your giant man child.. or uh, husband. Only one word needed for this second gift choice and it's pretty self explanatory. Drone. Get one for him. The Parrot Mambo MiniDrone. He will love you forever, even though he does already. And then, the kids will probably want one too. Especially if you have boys. Even girls! Really you will probably like it too. This gift has so many uses. One, keeps your husband occupied so you can paint the kitchen any color you'd like to. Two, keeps your husband and your kids occupied so you can finally get the bedrooms clean without one of them coming in and messing it up. Three, if you have teenage daughters you can definitely get a drone with a camera so Dad can make sure she's really going to Jessica's and not to Tommy's house around the corner, it's a mind easer. Four, they're really just a lot of fun! They can definitely fish with a drone. Just tell him that. There is a video on youtube somewhere that proves this to be true. It is pretty amazing. He can do two things he loves at once! Look two gifts in one! 


My third and final choice, mainly because this blog post is getting seriously long and I have a house to deep clean for all my guests tomorrow "Christmas Eve.", is not necessarily one choice but rather a whole company that specializes in gifts for men. MANCRATES! This site is the holy grail of stuff to buy the men in your life. Not just your husband or boyfriend.. any man. Dad, grand-dad, your brother, an adult son, a co-worker, all men. has a selectively awesome list of some great "crates" full of awesome goodies guys love! I literally stumbled on this website a month ago when looking for a birthday gift for my big guy, December 10th, and was amazed on how easy it is to find something that every guy would like. They have numerous categories of boxes, or crates, that include things that would be hard to find in stores. From barbecuing, beer lovers, zombie apocalypse survivors, clean shaven, beard growing, nascar watching, jerky chewing, knife wielding, travel loving, baseball watching, NBA obsessed, golf putting, whisky tasting, guitar playing, baby carrying babes, you name it, they got it. If he is a man, he is going to appreciate it. Go find a man-crate for the man in your life! P.S. They have project kits..for DIYers!! That means you can give your hubby a little incentive to build the Farmtable of your dreams! Wink, Wink! I got your back ;) 

Well, get to it. If you pay a little more for shipping the possibilities are endless...

New Years Resolution for 2017... Stop Procrastinating. If you're anything like me anyways ;)

Visit JORD for the best selection of wood watches!!