Monday, September 14, 2015

DIY Fabric Pumpkin

I've been seeing these adorable pumpkins all over the blogosphere and instagram, so of course I had to attempt to make one myself. It was a spur of the moment, I'm bored on a Sunday, kind of craft that I enjoyed creating. I already had the fabric thanks to my eight year old daughter's size 6x leggings, with adorable glittery silver polka-dot print, that no longer fit her anymore. I simply made a cut just above the leg area to separate the fabric into three sections. I used the wider top section as the cutout for my "large" pumpkin. I plan on using the other two sections for several smaller pumpkins once they are cut and divided. I pretty much "winged it" and didn't measure anything or even use a ruler. I am one of those people who rather "eye" something than take the time to strategically pinpoint measurements before making cuts or sewing. It usually works out in some shape or form;) So I used the second to biggest sewing needle that I could find with simple white thread to sew the "top" of my pumpkin together. (I always work backwards.) I really wish I found thicker thread because it took several attempts to get this to work correctly with my simple white thread... With that, I sewed wide sections bunching them together through the needle until I ended up all the way around and pulled the  thread to close the opening. (It's now about that time that I really wish I took pictures of each step...) I then stuffed the pumpkin with a small amount of pillow stuffing I had laying around and continued to sew shut the opposite side the same way as the top, just a bit more carefully. That's when I realized that I couldn't get the bottom to match the top.. there was still an opening that was too wide to leave without some kind of covering because I am pretty sure I over stuffed the little guy. I found some burlap, cut a circular shape to cover the hole and hot glued that baby on. I then figured I needed a "stumpy thing" so I found a stick and cut it down to size for my pumpkin. I decided it would just look cuter with some twine wrapped around it so I glued that on and attached it to the top of the pumpkin with hot glue. I made the leaf cut from burlap and outlined and defined with twine. The little "pumpkin chord" was made from a cute green chevron ribbon I had left over from another project. I just used scissors to coil and glued it on to the twine wrapped stick, I mean pumpkin stump thingy. Ta-Da! My kids loved it, and apparently I am in the works of making a bunch more...

For a much better description and instructions on how to create your own fabric pumpkin, visit the link below:)

DIY Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial