Tuesday, August 23, 2016

DIY Industrial "farmhouse" Light (Simple, Super Easy!!)

If you are an Industrial lighting lover like I am, you probably scoped out a few websites or stores for affordable products. Industrial and "Farmhouse" decor is in trend right now, and with being so popular, price tags sometimes soar and I wasn't about to fork out $80-$250 for a literal hanging Edison bulb. Every time I came across a hanging pendant that I thought would look great hanging above my kitchen sink, I said, "Why spend all that money when they look so simple to make myself?" Well...I did just that. I DIYed three industrial hanging (or swag) pendant lights altogether in our home. One in the kitchen above our sink, and two beside our pallet headboard my husband and I built in the beginning of the summer. The two in our bedroom I am thinking about giving a copper finish to match the headboard, but the one in the kitchen is staying as is.

Here is what you need...
One clamp light, any brand or size you prefer.
$6-$10 (sure beats $80!)

Take it apart... 
Toss aside the clamp for another project and remove all tags, logos and stickers.

Put it back together.
Placing an Edison Bulb in the socket will immediately transform it. Easy right?

Pick up a few small screw in hooks. I got these from our local hardware store. I bought white ones to blend with the color of our ceiling. They are meant to hold coffee mugs so I knew they would be able to hold the weight for this very light-weight..light;)

The clamp lights come with, usually, a black cord attached. You will need an extension chord depending on how low you wish to hang your swag light or the distance from the hook and the outlet. I recommend just getting the cheap $1-$2 6ft. extension chord. FYI you can paint the chords to blend with whatever wall color you have. I did paint half of the chord in the kitchen so its barely noticeable, but leaving it black will give you the raw industrial look people pay so much for. Crazy, huh? 

Here is a look into our bedroom with the industrial "hanging" pendant lights...

The best part about this easy DIY project is that you can paint the "shades". I plan on spray painting the lights in the bedroom copper to match the copper bolts on the sides of our headboard. You can paint them black, white, gold, vintage mint, whatever color your heart desires. 

Just a note: 
I haven't been blogging much this summer as I wanted to but, believe me, I have a million projects I am working on and have so many planned for the fall that I will be sharing through posts. Last night I ripped up all the rugs that remained downstairs and will be showing how to refinish real hardwood floors on the cheap including a living room reveal. So excited!! 
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