Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Diy BOHO Yarn Art

I think yarn art is so cool, so I tried it. I made this one for Valentine's Day with subtle pink tassels I found pre-made from the Target Dollar Spot. I used a thick, ivory colored yarn. I also tied in twine to break up the ivory. I really love how it turned out!! Hope you do to!!

Here is what I used...
*Thick Ivory Yarn (Walmart)
*Small Wooden Dowel [cut small] (Lowes)
*Pink (&gold) Tassels (Target)
*Twine (Walmart)
*White Pom Pom Ribbon (Tj Maxx)
*Cute Furbabe Comfort in a Little T-Shirt

All you want to do is wrap the yarn, twine, and ribbon once around the dowel and tie. I braided some yarn and twine together and also braided yarn with yarn. The pom pom ribbon just was wrapped and tied to the dowel. I really was random with these steps and did not really do any type of pattern. I did cut or lay the yarn (or twine) in such a way to create a "V" for the structure of the Yarn Art Project. (You can do it any way you like if you don't want to re-create this look.)

I randomly tied on the pink tassels to ends of the yarn (sometimes yarn and twine) braids. 

This was my finished look. 
Twine was wrapped around the dowel then tied on so I can hang this art project.

Happy DIYing!!

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