Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Diy Rae Dunn Planter

Happy Tuesday!! It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Rae Dunn Clay. I have many mugs and a few canisters and am always on the look out for new items to add to my collection. My husband thinks I'm crazy...but happy wife, happy life right? I have been in love with the Rae Dunn Planters from the moment I first learned what Rae Dunn was. I never had the luck in finding any and I didn't want to pay the high price tag online from eBay and amazon so I decided to make my own. 
I went to hobby lobby and bought three medium sized clay pots for less than $2 ea. and they were on sale!! I grabbed two Lamb's Ear sprays from the floral section and headed to the register. My total was around $7 rounded up. I had white chalk paint already at home and I used an old "kid ruined" small faux dough bowl I found at hobby lobby last spring. I couldn't find any clay bases to use so the dough bowl would have to do and I think it worked out great! The steps in making this are pretty self explanatory. Paint. Draw with a black, fine pointed paint marker- Plant, Grow, Bloom in Rae Dunn inspired font. Let dry. Plant something. (I "planted" something fake for now. Enjoy:)

Two coats may be needed.

Happy DIYing!!

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  1. Hi there. Gorgeous project! What font did you use? Thank you!