Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dinning Room Gallery Wall Tour

Last August I decided to give our dinning room a little makeover. I always loved gallery walls that I've been seeing all over Pinterest, Instagram, on many home decor blogs, and even in magazines so I decided to give it a shot. It is a while in the making, and I feel like I constantly am going to be updating these pictures and adding things with four beautiful kiddos that don't stop growing but I am definitely happy with the result. Besides the pictures of my babies, I am especially proud of the wooden "clock" that I made and the giant wall ruler I also DIYed and stained with a one of a kind stain that my husband and I created. The blanket ladder was also a creation but I still want to distress it, so I am not done just yet but here is a few pictures of the progress:) Enjoy!

Sorry about the glare from our chandelier, which is getting a makeover... 
another post for another day:)

The second (higher) arrow is getting a stain treatment to match the color of the wall ruler.

-Most of the frames were collected over the years. 
-The two bigger pictures of my older children were each placed on a simple white canvas that was on sale 4 for $9.99 from Micheal's craft store.
-The Antique white frame was collected during a thrifting/junkin' adventure for $.50 what a steal!
-The barn wood arrow (altered to hang vertical) on the left is from Hobby Lobby along with the pallet deer head on the other end, both were under $20.00!
-The "&" was from Michaels and was only $4 thanks to coupons!
-The working "antique" clock with key hands was from Walmart a few years ago for around $15.00.
-The big ol' wooden "clock" was handmade by me out of a beat up electrical cord spool I rescued from the trash for free:) 
-The lighter wooden arrow was from Michael's for under $10! I just made it vertical and added some twine to the bottom.
-The white "lanterns" were found at The Antique Barn "Old Glory" in south Jersey for $13 ea.
-The tiered beauty full of greenery and some wood pieces is from Target, $19.99.
-The two wooden pieces beside the lanterns are scraps from a farm table my husband built. 
-The wall ruler to the right was a DIY along with the blanket ladder. (DIY posts to come:))
-The white "dipped" basket was from Michael's along with the blue pattern pillows, all for under $20!

If you are interested in a wall "clock", ruler, or blanket ladder 
(and many other handmade decor items & furniture) stay tuned!! 
We are selling them online and at our new Booth this summer!

Thanks for stoping by!

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