Sunday, April 10, 2016

DIY "Industrial" Farmhouse Chandelier

     The moment we walked into this house after searching for so long for a house that we loved, we knew this was the one. It was perfect for our "big" little family. I loved how the entire house was like a blank canvas just waiting for us to transform her into a home. Though there was the "old" vintage charm we adore in a home, equally, there was many builder-grade characteristics we couldn't wait to change. One in particular was the dinning room light fixture. It screamed boring builder-grade dullness and I immediately said, "I am definitely taking that down!" with the realtor still standing next to us. At that point in time I had no idea if we would even get the house, we didn't even sign papers yet and I was already declaring change. Haha! Well it stayed for quite a while. For a year and a half I glared at it every morning and regretted not buying a new one when I had many chances to do so. Then it dawned on me. Why not just "fix" it? So, that is exactly what I did.

I always had a thing for anything industrial, and if it fell into the "farmhouse" category as well, I fall head over heels. I created that type of feel to my dinning room so of course my light fixture has to match. Here is what I "fixed"...

Here she is, in all her ugly glory, dust included. I took the glass "shades" off... (ignore the ceiling, my husband began painting with the wrong shade of white *insert laughing emoji here*)

And the fun begins...

I chose a flat black "matte" spray paint to give me that Industrial Farmhouse look...

They still didn't look right to me so I added a brushed nickel ring around the black glass shades that made all the difference. 

I'm switching out these eco-bulbs for Edison bulbs once I find the ones I'm looking for to complete the whole look. I only spent a total of $7 to complete this project and saved hundreds from not buying a brand new industrial/farmhouse light fixture for our dinning room! Definitely worth the wait! Now I can use the money I saved to buy the right shade of white to re-paint the ceiling (haha) and maybe even add some crown molding ;)

Hope this project inspired you to "fix" something you hate and turn it into something you adore in your own home! Happy DIYing on this beautiful Sunday!

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